Out-of-State Single-Family Rentals

Our Single-Family Rental Properties

TFS Properties focuses on high-income rental properties while still staying committed to preserving investor capital. Our SFR’s are located both in-state & out-of-state and produce higher cash flow than other similar SFRs.  Our homes come with top level property management and if you are in a 1031 Exchange they are a great product to increase the cash flow  of your portfolio. 

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Houston, TX
Single-Family Rentals

10% - 12%+ Cap Rates

Our Manufactured Homes in Houston produces a passive 10%-12%+ cap rate. Located in one of the largest cities in America, our homes have property management and tenant lease in place. They are also covered by a maintenance warranty alleviating the investor of most maintenance issues. With most homes averaging $50,000, these homes are great as an addition to a 1031 Exchange or investment portfolio, or even as the first investment for new investors.

Beaumont, TX
Single-Family Rentals

11% - 15%+ Cash-on-Cash

Located 2-hours east of Houston, TX our Single-Family Rentals (SRF) in Beaumont produces 11% to 15% cash-on-cash returns. The strong local economy is driven by a major expansion in the oil industry with big players like Exxon Mobile making billion-dollar investments in both infrastructure and man power. These homes are fully renovated with property management and a tenant lease place.

Indianapolis, IN
Single-Family Rentals

8% - 10% Cap Rates

Our Single-Family Rentals (SFR) in Indianapolis produces a passive 8%-10% cap rate. Located in a top 15 market with a diverse economic base, our homes come with property management and a tenant lease in place. All of our SFRs are fully rehabbed and requires very little deferred maintenance from the investor. Perfect for a 1031 Exchange, these homes are also suitable to purchase through an IRA, ROTH-IRA, & 401k Rollover.

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