Closed: $2.26M 20-Property Portfolio (20-Year NNN + 19 SFR)

$8M NNN In-N-Out + Corky’s (Yucaipa, CA): CLOSED

Our client sold a single-tenant retail building in Alhambra, CA. TFS Properties assembled a portfolio that matched the client’s investment goals consisting of a 20-Year NNN building & (19) Single Family Rentals in Houston, TX – each SFR producing an 11.5% cap rate. Our client deferred 100% of his capital gains from the investment and increased his cashflow. Special thanks to PCFG Mortgage for funding the specific-use property commercial loan & trusting us with your client!

Project Details

Location: Forest Hills, MD & Houston, TX

Purchase Price: $2,263,000
Type: NNN + SFR
Cash on Cash Return: 8.86%

2021 Legal Disclaimer
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