Manufactured Home Parks Are A Low Risk Investment Bet

Manufactured Home Parks Are A Low Risk Investment Bet   Manufactured Home Parks Now a Low Risk Bet, Commands $230 Million in Arizona Manufactured homes, like mobile homes, are prefabricated structures that are transportable. However, unlike mobile homes, these buildings were built after 1976 and to the standards set forth by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  These…

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Governor Newson’s Executive Order Does Not Imply Rent Forgiveness

On March 4, 2020, Governor Gavin Newson of California released THE Executive Order N-37-20 with the aim of minimizing evictions during this critical time in California. Among other things, it seeks to protect residents who may be unable to pay their rent as a result of the economic effects of the pandemic. While Executive Order N-37-20 does not imply rent…

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A 1031 Exchange Extension has Finally Been Granted

IRS EXTENDS 1031 EXCHANGE PERIOD April 1st and July 15th, If you’re in a 1031 Exchange, don’t forget these dates. Recently the IRS offered property owners in the middle of their 1031 exchange some much-needed relief with the release of Notice 2020-23. Under this notice, the IRS granted automatic extensions to: • Anyone that sold (relinquished) property with their 45-day…

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What is Like-Kind Property?

Written by Rusty Tweed   Many of the people that come into my office have a huge misconception of what types of properties they can exchange into.   Most people I’m dealing with are selling multi-family rentals, for example, a four-plex or 6-unit apartment building.  They think that the IRS definition of “like-kind property” is another four-plex or 6-unit building.  The…

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Understanding Cap Rates

Written by Rusty Tweed   In the commercial real estate market, you’ll commonly hear the term, “cap rate.”   The full term is actually “Capitalization Rate” and is used to compare the value of a rental property on an “apples to apples” basis to other investment properties.  The term “cap rate” can only be used with regards to income-producing or rental…

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NNN Leases Explained

Written by Rusty Tweed   Many of you have heard the term “Triple Net Lease” but I’ve found a lot of people don’t fully understand what that means. First of all many of you have owned and managed your own rental properties, mostly apartments and rental homes. In that market, you have short term leases, higher turnover and you as…

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