Executive Summary

Dekra is a multi-billion dollar German Company operating in 50 countries and 5 continents.  The subject property is a 2,282 Sf single tenant building located in Plano, TX.   Dekra is a global leader in automotive transmission and lube inspection services.  By law, in the state of Texas, all automotive vehicles must obtain an annual transmission inspection.  Our Client came to us with only 2 weeks left in the 45 days identification period for their 1031 exchange.  Although we don’t recommend holding off on identifying a property until the last minute, it was easy for us to help our client cross through to the finish line!
– 15 year lease – 10% increase every 5 years
– Corporate Guarantee by Dekra North America and Dekra Germany
– 2005 Built /2018 Renovation
Project Location

Plano, TX

Offering Analysis

Asking Price: $
Square Footage: 1,606 SF (AP)
Type: Retail
Price Per SF: $671 / SF
Year Built: 2005